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Take your seats, buckle in, and lets take a trip down National Student Volunteer Week 2017!

On behalf of #NSVW17 express rail, we would like to raise a glass of WELL DONE! to the 20+ education providers, thousands of amazing students and countless community organisations - with your participation, #NSVW17 was able to successfully steam ahead!


Friends of Lake Claremont 

In the lead up to National Student Volunteer Week, students from Murdoch, Curtin, Uni of WA, Notre Dame and ECU climbed on-board the #NSVW17 train taking part in the annual inter-uni tree planting activity. The 90 plus students who helped, planted a whopping 2,500 trees for Friends of Lake Claremont. P.S, Mother Nature and Captain Planet salute you all!



QUT connectors celebrating #NSVW17 had the opportunity to drop in around campus to find out about the campus volunteering program. By the way, we heard the lollies provided were a-ma-zing! 

Students who wanted to get more involved, and experience new things while they were studying at QUT could also visit the QUT Connect team who ran an info stall from the V Block podium.


Griffith University 

At the GUGC Volunteer Experience Fair, a variety of nonprofits were prepped and ready to answer any questions that students had about getting involved. The event helped students to start their rewarding volunteering journey! (Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination).

Mentoring at Griffith also ran a campaign all throughout the week to thank their remarkable student mentors. Griffith has a WHOPPING 700 plus volunteer student mentors each year who give their time to help students adjust to uni life and their studies.

Guild Crew is the on campus volunteering program offered to Griffith Uni Gold Coast students. An annual camp was held that was about the two B's and the L - team building, bonding and leadership.


University of Sunshine Coast

With a picturesque sunny morning, USC Career Development hosted their Volunteer Expo from the Sippy Downs campus. Numerous local organisations jumped on-board and students were able to learn about a wide range of volunteering roles, and about the organisations and people behind them. Did we mention there was a free BBQ lunch?! Not only could students feed their minds, but also their bellies. #VollieFoodComa

Across town from the USC Gympie campus, Cooloola Human Services Network and Heart Of Gold International Film Festival volunteers spoke to students on campus about the benefits of volunteerism for #NSVW17. Meanwhile, USC Career Development staff Kierra and Kathy were ‘wo-man-ing’ the BBQ cooking up a mouth-watering sausage sizzle for all those that attended.


Seton College

Students ran their Seton Volunteer expo as part of #NSVW17. They had the chance to interview a volunteer and trade displays showcased each fantastic volunteer and the nonprofit where they are working. This really gave the students a good insight into the nonprofit sector. Some of the comments made about the students were “they have gained more confidence” and “really enjoy helping others”. One of the girls said she was very shy and since undertaking the course she has really come out of her shell (As Rihanna would say, " Shine bright like a diamond!").


Springfield Central State High School

This year, we welcome Springfield Central State High School to #NSVW17! Springfield Central SHS ran a Food Drive to support local families in need. Students were asked, if possible, to donate any non-perishable food items such as biscuits, pasta, cans of food, laundry liquid, popper juice, etc. 


Roma State College

Static and video presentations of various volunteering organisations were the #NSVW17 theme at Roma State College. Students who are currently studying a Certificate II in Active Volunteering had the opportunity to highlight the rewards and benefits of volunteering in their local community.


Murdoch University

With all the awesome seedlings planted, constable care showbags packed, and Redkite funds raised, how about a cupcake to celebrate? No problem! Students could pop over to Murdoch Volunteering Hub's stall while they were on Bush Court celebrating #NSVW17, and simply write a nice little message for a sick child and enjoy a cupcake or two! They came, they conquered, they ate celebratory cupcakes.


University of WA

This year, Guild Volunteering had an action-filled schedule of events planned for our favourite week of the year!

  • Monday's are all about Micro Volunteering. Every Monday between 1-3pm, students can link up with a bite-sized volunteering event like students did during #NSVW17, and learnt that the national flower of Vietnam is the lotus flower, and painted a banner for VSUWA-Vietnamese Students at the University of Western Australia.
  • Tuesday's schedule saw many great discussions take place at the Good Practice in Volunteer Management Roundtable. The event provided opportunities for students to share knowledge they gained through their own hands-on volunteering experience.
  • Wednesday's line up was all about student volunteers packing care packs with HDStreetwise for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Thursday was red carpets, paparazzi, and glam! UWA hosted their first Volunteer Recognition and Awards evening to celebrate the contribution their students make in the community.
  • Friday's event involved student volunteers heading out to Darling Range Wildlife Shelter to help rescue anxiety-ridden joeys and bring some calmness in to their wee bodies by helping to block off their enclosure from prying eyes while so they could heal and recover.



Across town, ECU made a B-I-G impact during #NSVW17, delivering a panel event on mentoring for career success that was followed by a Q&A session, networking event and a light lunch, three epic micro volunteering events, a donation drive that supported UnitingCare West’s winter appeal and a virtual volunteering fair (WOW - Take a bow!)

Congrats to everyone involved – you must be very proud of your achievements as we are to engage students and promote volunteering!


Central TAFE WA

Lots of shovel and rake action was involved during #NSVW17 at Central TAFE WA. Students were able to be one with nature and get their hands in to some gardening with the help of the Volunteer Task Force team. Their energy and enthusiasm to make a difference for those that need a hand is most definitely appreciated.


Federation University

To celebrate #NSVW17, Fed Uni students posted mini vol ideas to their Facebook page about all kinds of volunteer projects that students could complete in under 20 minutes!

  • Leave some anonymous positive notes around campus/in a public place for other people to find
  • Complete microvolunteering projects
  • Pick up rubbish and bin/recycle it
  • Take a neighbour's dog for a walk
  • Give your unwanted books to raise funds for a good cause

Blood Drives & Speed Matching were two other exciting events Federation University students included in their #NSVW17 schedule. Students could do their bit to boost blood supplies with the Australian Red Cross, or book a spot at one of the campus Speed Matching sessions where local organisations had 4 minutes to impress you.


RMIT University

What happens when you round up students, an online marketplace, a presentation and job workshop? LOADS of student volunteer sign-ups! Vollie connects people to nonprofits and charities for online volunteering opportunities, and invited RMIT students to learn more about the concept and how they could get involved. Overall, the day was a major hit with all that attended.


CQ University Melbourne

"Google, what is the definition of Seminar?" Seminar: A seminar is generally understood to be a small group meeting in which students and a tutor discuss information on a chosen topic. "Google, where I can participate in a seminar?" Answer: Students were invited to the 'Volunteering: Getting Started! Seminar' as part of their #NSVW17 campaign hosted at the Melbourne CQ campus.


Swinburne University

The #NSVW17 train also visited the suburb of Hawthorne, where Swinburne Student Life decided to host a Volunteer Come and Try Day for students so they could experience what it means to volunteer, the fantastic ways they could get involved and make a difference for someone, and what they would get out of volunteering (besides the intangible benefits that are irreplaceable). 


McGuire College 

Shepparton Victoria is known for its great food, weather, and its McGuire College students! In light of #NSVW17, the college celebrated their fab students and the great work they have been involved with. Students from the College actively volunteer as part of The Smith Family Learning for Life program where they demonstrate capacity to inspire, challenge, change and celebrate.


University of Adelaide

Lily and Arthur are volunteering super-stars from the Uni of Adelaide. Fun Fact: More than 1,000 students who attend the Uni of Adelaide, take time out of their busy lives to help those in need. As part of #NSVW17, lets acknowledge and thank all of these amazing student volunteers for their ongoing contribution of time and skills!


Charles Darwin University

"When I say Hands, you say Up - Hands Up!" CDU Student Ambassadors organised a Hands Up Expo to promote local volunteering opportunities to Charles Darwin University students. FoodBank NT was among the organisations at the event and were very thankful to all the students who showed interest in the work they do for the community and Australia.


University of Western Sydney

UWS students were encouraged to Share Volunteering Stories across social media platforms about the meaning of volunteering to them, or how they have been involved in different volunteering opportunities. Students were also encouraged to use the #NSVW17 hashtag.


Macquarie University 

Macquarie students boarded #NSVW17 express rail with their Mentors and Buddies. They were all treated to an exclusive movie screening at Event Cinemas to recognise all the hard work put in to make the uni's Orientation week a success. 


Monash University

Monash University hosted its WinterFest week, held at the Clayton, Caulfield, Peninsula and Parkville campuses with headline events for students, staff, their families and friends. Part of the WinterFest schedule was a Volunteer of the Year Award night to celebrate the passion and excellence of Monash student volunteers. Congratulations to Daniel, Ziqiao, Sophie and Blake, who took out the top honours at Volunteer of the Year Awards. Well done to everyone and their exceptional contribution to their community. 


Casino High School

Breakfast is considered an important meal because it influences how students of today perform physically and mentally to help build them to be great leaders of tomorrow!

Volunteering can take any shape or form, and doesn't always have to be out in the community. In light of #NSVW17, Casino High School students and staff gave up their time for the benefit of others serving up a free delicious breakfast for every CHS student around the school grounds.


University of NSW

Students of the Volunteer Army fund raised for all the orphaned puppies and sick kittens with a RSPCA Cupcake Day. Just a few cupcakes bought, could help find a home for the puppies or treatments for the sick kittens.

More opportunities that happened during the week included Conservation Volunteers Australia trips that took place around Sydney and Western Sydney.


University of Tasmania

The #NSVW17 train headed down south to visit our friends at the Uni of Tasmania. There were loads of activities, great people to meet, and free BBQ to eat! Students could learn more about the Mumford's Pride student led volunteer group while adding their name and voice to the ROOOOAAARRR!

Every one loves a chance to dress up and be silly (even if we won't openly admit it), students were able to participate in a fun event - "What would Alex wear for a job interview," where they had to register to be an Alex and choose an outfit from the wonderful wardrobe to meet the needs of the job interview that Alex was attending (P.S, if for some unimaginable reason dressing up didn't float your boat, you were encouraged to go along and cheer on the Alexs).


Organisations supporting the community

Benalla Rural City Council

During #NSVW17 The Benalla Rural City Council recognised the great work these people below do for the community.

  • The Benalla Freeza Crew provide opportunities for young people to enjoy live gigs, and other cultural, recreational and artistic events. Students volunteer as both members and performers.
  • The Benalla Live4life Crew is a group of student volunteers who help deliver a whole of community mental health education and youth suicide prevention program.
  • The Benalla Rotary Volunteers, allows primary school students to participate in a volunteering program with the Rotary Club.
  • The Benalla Winton Supercars brings a lot of visitors to our community and is an integral part of their tourism calendar.



Parkinson’s Western Australia

Krystie volunteered with Parkinson's WA at this year's A Walk In The Park because she is a strong supporter of medical research, not only because of the remarkable impact it has on those in need but because she has a keen interest in it herself. Currently studying Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at UWA, Krystie says that volunteering gives her spare time purpose and that there is a certain fulfillment knowing that she has used her time wisely in the hopes of making the future a little brighter. 

City of Port Phillip Youth Services

Meet Charlotte, a glowing student from Albert Park College, who and has been volunteering through the City Of Port Phillip on and off for several years in both the Youth Advisory Committee and FReeZA Committee. Charlotte has also participated in Leaders of Tomorrow program with the YMCA Victoria, is a school ambassador, and not to mention, works, and takes singing and acting classes (Move over Wonderwoman!)
Give Edward a massive #NSVW17 Hi-Five! Ed attends St Michael's Grammar School, loves the environment, outdoors and is acting as the Chair for the 1st Victorian Sea Scout Group. Ed's passion makes him an incredible asset to young people of Port Phillip and his aspiration to make the world better is clear in everything he does. Well done Ed – To affinity and beyond!
This is Marcel, an Albert Park College student who has many great things going for him. Not only is Marcel a student, but is also working part time, is on debate team as an Ambassador Debating Leader, and on the Student Representative Council (SRL). Marcel has been volunteering in some capacity at the City Of Port Phillip and has become a huge asset and great role model to his peers. Congrats Marcel – truly an inspirational young man!


Darling Range Wildlife Shelter WA

The Darling Range Wildlife Shelter WA provides individuals the experience to interact with the wild life and learn more about them. #NSVW17 enabled them to thank their wonderful people that make a difference.



Conservation Volunteers Australia

CVA boarded the #NSVW17 express rail from every platform across Australia. During the week students were able to enjoy some vitamin D, fresh air, exercise - all while making a real difference to the environment!

University of Wollongong, Australia organised 41 excited exchange students from China to help the CVA team plant 600 trees at Hooka Point. The students loved getting their hands dirty (a perfect excuse for a mani). Thanks so much, global warming appreciates it! 

CVA hosted a special morning tea to celebrate University of Newcastle students Shena and Jessica, and Hunter TAFE student Darcy. The awesome trio helped to restore habitat for migratory shorebirds in the Hunter Wetlands National Park at Tomago.

Volunteers endured wild weather in Geelong to protect waterways through weed removal along local creeks and beaches. To thank everyone involved, CVA put on a warm lunch for their amazing efforts.

Charles Darwin University student volunteers had all kinds of fun chasing and catching a huge amount of Cane Toads from the Botanical Gardens Darwin N.T. Their athleticism proved crucial to help protect native wildlife in the Darwin area.




Hazel, 94 years young and Katie, a mature 21, shows us all that age is really just a number after the pair formed a wonderful friendship through HammondCare.

Katie is a fourth year medical student at the University of Newcastle, and volunteers at HammondCare where she visits Hazel weekly to have quality chat about their current daily lives and about each other’s families. Every Sunday afternoon, the pair like to get out for coffee, cake, a side of chit-chat and see what's happening around town.

#NSVW17 is all about highlighting the efforts of people who give their time for the genuine benefit of others. Katie is a wonderful example of someone who gives up their time for the genuine benefit of others – well done!


Thanks, from us, to you!!

A massive thanks to everyone who contributed to #NSVW17 and made it an enjoyable journey!



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