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Embracing the Essence of Give, Grow, Belong

Reflecting on National Student Volunteer Week 2023

Embracing the Essence of Give, Grow, Belong: Reflecting on National Student Volunteer Week 2023


As we wrap up National Student Volunteer Week 2023, we're thinking about the important themes of Give, Grow, and Belong. This special week showed us how students can make a big impact by helping others, learning new things, and being part of a community. Even though the official week is ending, the spirit of Give, Grow, Belong keeps going.


A Week of Special Moments

During this week, we saw students doing kind things for others, from extending a helping hand to those in need to planting the seeds of growth through mentorship, student volunteers have personified the essence of Give, Grow, Belong. Each story shared has been a testament to the power of these principles in action.

The act of giving, whether it's time, skills, or compassion, has the potential to ripple outward, creating waves of positive change. We've seen students not only give of themselves but also actively contribute to the growth of their communities. Through mentorship, tutoring, and skill-sharing, they've nurtured a culture of growth that goes beyond academic achievements.

Furthermore, the sense of belonging that has been fostered this week is truly heartwarming. In an era of disconnectedness, student volunteers have come together, creating a community founded on empathy, support, and shared values.


Continuing the Journey

Even though National Student Volunteer Week is ending, the good feelings stay with us. We want you to share your favourite moments on social media using #NSVW23 and #GiveGrowBelong. Let's shine a light on students who showed these values all year long.

Let's remember that every act of giving matters, every opportunity to learn and grow is a step towards positive transformation, and every sense of belonging contributes to a more inclusive world. 


Join in and Keep it Going!

When this special week ends, it doesn't mean we stop. The spirit of Give, Grow, Belong lives on. We invite you to stay excited, stay inspired, and keep helping out.

To the amazing student volunteers who made this week unforgettable, your kindness, learning, and sense of belonging are amazing. You're changing the world in a wonderful way, and we can't wait to see what you do next.

Keep embracing Give, Grow, Belong. Keep volunteering, keep learning, and keep being a good friend. 🌟🤝



Keep sending your student volunteer highlights to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will feature them on our socials and website throughout the year!

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